Jason Loper has over 10 years of experience in editorial copywriting that has culminated in thousands of blog posts that cover everything from DIY projects to brand building. From contributing and editing the popular nesting blog Apartment Therapy to leading content development at the consumer-facing Kenmore and Craftsman blogs, Jason writes posts that are relevant, engaging and packed with information.


Before & After: Hermogeno Designs’ Kitchen Renovation — Before and after posts are endlessly appealing to readers on both the blog platform and social media channels. This post uses UGC content and a survey format to the story of a kitchen makeover – complete with Kenmore appliances of course.

9 Things to Launder Before Fall & Winter — This post is an example of creating seasonal content that can be used year after year.

5 Ways Technology Is Making Home Life a Little More Amazing — As the Kenmore brand started introducing smart appliances to their lineup, this post helped communicate how these new tools can serve customers.

How to Determine Whether You Have a Gas or Electric Dryer — When the Kenmore brand identified that online customers were having difficulty identifying whether they have a gas or electric dryer, the blog was tasked with educating those consumers. Mission accomplished.

Kenmore Appliances Are Now Available on Amazon — Kenmore appliances launching on the Amazon platform was some of the biggest news in the brand’s 100+ year history. This post put a consumer-facing spin on the brand’s press release.


Spring Forward: 8 Projects That Take 1 Hour or Less — Bucking the convention that DIY projects are time consuming, this post gathers Craftsman Club projects that can be completed in a short amount of time.

7 Examples of Using Craftsman Storage Outside the Workshop — Reminding readers and customers that they don’t have to have a workshop to have a need for Craftsman storage, this post uses UGC images to inspires readers to think of the brand in a different way.

10 Projects to Organize Your Garage — Making use of organizational content that the brand had recently created, this post can help customers make room for even more Craftsman tools in their collection.

Fresh Cut 101: Selecting, Cutting and Maintaining a Fresh Christmas Tree — This blog post utilizes a series of custom-produced videos that highlight priority tool lines.

10 Things to Make with Reclaimed Wood — With reclaimed lumber on-trend, this post gathers projects from Craftsman Club and across the wider web to inspire readers to start their own projects.

Warfighter Made: Inspire, Adapt, Overcome — As part of its “community matters” initiative, Craftsman Tools wanted to communicate its philanthropic partnerships. This post combines an interview with Warfighter Made’s founder with contextual information about the brand’s involvement.

Craftsman Kitchen Chainsaw — When the email team decided to get in on the April Fool’s fun with a fake kitchen chainsaw, a supporting blog post was needed.


Hacking the IKEA Lack: One Table, Ten Different Ways — IKEA hacks have always been a perennial favorite at Apartment Therapy. This post, which garnered the most pageviews of any post that year, rounds up ten ways to transform one affordable table.

How To: Remove Candle Wax from Just About Anything — In addition to being evergreen content, the SEO value of this post also brings it to the top of many Goole searches for removing candle wax.

Easy & Temporary Ways to Dress Up a Rental Like You Own It — This post pulls together existing content on the site to create new content.

Project Preparedness 101: A DIYer’s Shopping & Resource Guide — Coming from Apartment Therapy’s resident DIY expert, this resource guide provides readers with a list of tools, supplies and checklists to get started on their own projects.


The Easy $13 DIY Laundry Shelf — Because fun, functional shelving need not cost a mint or come from a big box store.

American System Built Homes: A Complete List of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Early Prefab Homes — A post that documents the growing number of confirmed American System Built Homes.

A Final Tour: Saying Goodbye to the City Condo  A house tour of the condo that started a career in blogging and interior design.

3 Ways to Use Green Tomatoes — The totally Pinterest-ready post that provides a solution for all those green tomatoes that gardeners frequently find themselves holding at the end of the growing season.