Managing a brand’s online presence and marketing efforts requires creativity, strategic planning and project management skills. Jason Loper has worked with agency partners and tapped internal resources to manage, and, as well as the social channels, blog sites and email communications for the brands. From site redesigns and sub-category build-outs to banner ads and video integration, Jason has managed every aspect of content development, website maintenance and third party marketing.


Jason Loper has overseen the redesign and launch of, and, a tool guys’ social network that bridges the DIY lifestyle with brand building and commerce, as well as a complete overhaul of the Kenmore blog to provides a more direct link to product.


Jason has led email communications for both Kenmore and Craftsman brands, reaching millions of email subscribers and driving toward KPI goals – increased open rates, sustained follower growth and, ultimately, increased sales. By bringing a mix of editorial and direct sales to monthly emails, the brands saw an increase in open rates and click-throughs month-over-month.


Whether it’s creative agencies or influencer platforms, Jason Loper has extensive experience in working with third parties to drive marketing goals. From initial kick-off and launch to stakeholder updates and involvement, keeping a campaign organized is key to its success. And, of course, measuring analytics and reporting along the way is the best way to ensure that goals are being met or, in some cases, needs to be switched up for better results.